Less than 15 minutes by car

There is plenty to see and do in Allariz itself but if you are here for a few days and you have a car there are some fantastic day trips you can make.


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O Rexo is an area of natural beauty on the banks for the river Arnoia in the parish of Requiexo Valverde some 5kms from Allariz. It is also known as the Forest of Ibarrola after the artist Agustin Ibarrola who made an enormous installation here by sculpting and then painting massive rocks and painting the trunks of trees along the river. This area is also used as grazing pasture for sheep, which provides the milk for the famous O Rexo cheese.  This is a place to stroll, relax or take a swim in the calm waters of the river. It is a perfect place to picnic and buy cheese. You can also visit the dairy, meet the sheep and learn how cheese is made. 


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Santa Marina is a truly magical place and one you shouldn’t miss. The village itself is well preserved and has an impressive church with views out over the countryside. A short walk through the forest leads to the remains of a castro (a Neolithic settlement) and the ruins of a church with an underground bathhouse dating from Roman times. The area is known for a fascinating legend. Mariña was a young Christian girl who had the misfortune to attract the attentions of a Roman centurion who was part of the army base. She refused to give up her faith and after imprisonment and torture she was finally beheaded. Legend has it that the head bounced three times – each bounce is now a site of a natural spring. Her body is in the main church.  Excavations have started in the forest around the castro to expose the remains of Roman buildings and a road. An exciting find of when the old celtic culture started to be Romanised. 


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A PADELA - a protected natural forest

You can walk all the way from Allariz following the river but if you prefer you can take the leaving Allariz on the road to Xunqueira de Ambía. After five kilometres or so you will come to the small village of Valverde. You can leave the car here and walk through the village past the natural spring which has the traditional stones around it to allow clothes to be washed and enter into the forest the far side of the village. The oldest forest in Galicia this is now a protected reserve that is full of oak and chestnut trees!