Exploring the historic centre.

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 Allariz is famous for its impressive medieval old town where most of the streets are cobbled. There are remains of the old city walls, old houses with traditional Galician galleries, five churches and a massive 13th-century monastery which has one of the biggest baroque cloisters in Spain. You can leave the centre by crossing the river Arnoia on a beautiful Romanesque bridge.


Allariz has 7 museums though, as yet, there are no explanations in English. The 3 mentioned below are pretty much self explanatory. In Winter the museums are only open at the weekend. During the main season which runs between 7 of July and 30 September they open every day except Monday.  The entry ticket costs  1€.

    MUSEUM GALEGO DO XOGUETE – THE TOY MUSEUM. This is a collection that will transport anyone over the age of 50 back to a childhood without computers and for many no television. A delightful collection

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 MUSEO DO COIRO - THE LEATHER TANNERY MUSEUM  A beautifully restored tannery that showcases how leather was produced in the days when it was a major industry in the area. Built on the banks of the River Arnoi so that the water could be used for the dyeing and tanning of the skins and to drive the machinery. As well as the exhibits you can visit Ernesto,a real live leather craftsman, who has a workshop upstairs. Also in the building is the rather good Maison de Portovello restaurant

MUIÑO DO BURATO - THE FLOUR MILL  This small restored water mill was not just a place to make flour but also a hotbed of gossip and a real social centre as the farmers often had to wait for hours for their grain to be ground. All night dance parties were not unknown nor subsequent marriages. Mr Gumersindo the guide is a retired miller himself and can be persuaded to open the sluice gates to get the machinery working once again.

Gardens and the River

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Stretching along the bank of the river Arnoia the Exhibition Garden is open every year from the second week of May to the end of October. Various garden designers work to a theme) and there is a prize for the best garden as voted for by the visitors. The gardens are open Monday to Friday from 17.30 to 21.30 and on Saturday and Sunday 11.00-14.00 and 17.00 to 22.00. The cost of entry is 2€

For decades this has been the meeting place of the people of Allariz (Alaricanos), a lush and cool garden that stretches  from the new bridge to the Roman bridge and which has been called by some (Alaricanos, of course) the most beautiful kilometre in Galicia. Admission is free, no dogs or bikes allowed.

The history of Allariz dates back to when an iron-age settlement was built on the top of the hill that rises above the village. To this day it provides the best views over the village and the Arnoia valley.  Head for the church of San Estevan (St Stephen) in the historical centre and then follow the path up past the Cultural Centre. The walk is not difficult and the views well worth the effort.


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All this and more can be done along the banks of the Arnoia river without leaving Allariz itself. There are various river beaches, an open air swimming pool, children's play areas and a place where you can rent rowing boats. A great easy walk is to O Brinal. From the tourist office side of the new bridge head down to the leather museum and join the river path as it runs behind the new Exhibition Gardens. The path winds it way under trees and past farm land. It takes about 30 minutes to walk to O Brinal where there are two restored mills. The river is safe for swimming at this point.